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Materials Handling

Different Types of Material Handling Equipment Used in Warehouse

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Any business which requires bulk manufacturing, distribution and storage of industry material may view warehouse operations as an overwhelming challenge.

The processes followed and approach taken inside the warehouse greatly impact the outcome of your business. As such, many businesses are unaware of the methods and equipment they require to increase the speed, efficiency and productivity of material management. Such factors are a much bigger part of how the business will perform in the competitive market.

The modern warehouse offers a range of challenges for operators. Such challenges not only impact the running of the warehouse but can also have negative implications for production and delivery, if the equipment used is inadequate.

Materials handling equipment must suit the size of the facility. To ensure you get it right, you must know what you will be moving, and how much of it. Then, we can help you find the forklift to suit your needs.

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Forklifts used in warehouses

Pedestrian operated forklift

Pedestrian operated forklifts come in a range of sizes and lift heights. These units are suitable for the smaller, independently-operated warehouse. These forklifts don’t require the operator to have a license, and they offer features such as electric power steering and a side shift to be more user-friendly.

Counterbalance forklifts

Counterbalance forklifts are designed with the tines in front, and driver situated on the unit behind. These units come in many sizes and lift heights, and are available in petrol, LPG, diesel, and electric.

However, counterbalance forklifts require larger warehouse aisles for turning.

Reach trucks

Reach trucks are the most common units used in larger warehouses mainly because they have the advantage of working in narrow aisles and offer lift heights of up to 14 meters. Reach trucks are battery-electric units.

Reach trucks include turret trucks, side loaders, order pickers, cranes and pallet jacks. It’s imperative that you request a consultation with a specialist to find the best truck to suit your needs.

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Bulk materials handling

If you’re handling challenging materials such as the storage of solid and liquid items, it’s important that you employ safe methods to adequately transfer these products to and from the storage medium. Today, we have many ways to safely execute this by using pumps, vacuums, mechanical transfers, and gravity loads.

Some of the equipment used for handling bulk materials includes tanks, silos, pumps, augers, conveyors and vacuums.

Storage equipment used in warehouses

The most productive warehouses are those which have efficient layouts. To achieve this, you must plan – so look at what you will be storing, the number of goods, and the space available. After you have planned, then you can identify how to store the goods.

Using a simple mechanism of shelving and sectioning, storage equipment makes it possible for various materials to be rearranged, while avoiding major accidents or potential delays. Storage equipment is also one way of ensuring the operational area of the warehouse remains clean, organised and clutter-free.

Racking equipment

Racking equipment comes in many forms. Standard palettes broadly suit most goods, whereas counterbalance racks are used for goods that require a longer reach length. Other forms include drive-in, double deep, vertical carousel, and gravity load. Your options are guided by your needs.

Warehouse traffic flow is a very important factor, as a planned flow ensures a safer work environment whilst improving the efficiency of operation.

Need equipment?

If you’re in need of materials handling equipment suitable for warehousing, consider reputation when searching for an industry services provider. It’s likely that while conducting your research, you’ll come across multiple distributors and suppliers. However, be cautious with your choice, as whether you are purchasing or hiring equipment, the decision is one which has lasting implications, either positive or negative.

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Apart from quality, Lencrow Forklifts also offers convenience and flexibility when hiring or buying material handling equipment. With us, you can hire forklift or buy new, used forklift in order to optimise your warehouse budget.

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