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COPE Sensitive Freight

Cope Sensitive Freight


Owning specialised fleet equipment, such as all terrain forklifts and telehandlers, can be expensive for businesses who only utilise them on an ad hoc basis. When handling sensitive freight being able to observe and manage moving cargo is priority and outsourcing an experienced operator provides the COPE team with the resources to safely deliver items. Types of cargo that COPE Sensitive Freight use Lencrow Materials Handling to move include specialized medical and research equipment, valuables and antiques, and many more.

How the Product Helped

Lencrow Materials Handling provide COPE Sensitive freight with a reliable materials handling solution service. COPE Sensitive Freight utilise the extensive hire fleet available with Lencrow that suit a wide range of applications. Cope Sensitive Freight use Lencrow’s all-terrain forklifts and telescopic handlers with experienced oeprators. By using Lencrow’s forklift operators they are able to provide full attention to their client’s freight for maximum care.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Outsourcing materials handling equipment is beneficial for reducing business spending by removing ownership and running costs. COPE Sensitive Frieght use Lencrow because “the equipment [they hire] is well looked after” and this is the reliable service they need to ensure they can deliver their service effectively. COPE Sensitive Freight book fork and driver work with Lencrow Materials Handling 2 to 3 times a week.

We use Lencrow because the whole organisation is professional. They are extremely helpful and patient. When we have clients book our service last minute Lencrow are helpful and accommodating so that we can get the job done

Cope Sensitive Freight

Executive Summary

COPE Sensitive Freight provide a niche freight carrier service solution to customers nationwide. The team specialise in an end to end delivery service for fragile and sensitive consignments. They choose Lencrow Materials Handling to assist them with heavy and bulky materials handling deliveries – preferring to use our range of all terrain and telescopic handler fleet and forklift operators when required.

Cope Sensitive Freight

Lencrow`’`s operator`’`s are well presented and have a lot of patience. We get a lof difficult jobs and working together we make it look easy

Kevin Sammut

COPE Sensitive Freight, Project Manager

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