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New Forklift for Sale in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane & Newcastle by Lencrow

Lencrow Materials Handling is one of the largest independent forklift supplier in Australia backed with 40 years of experience. We have highly experienced consultants in all of our locations to assist you in choosing the best materials handling product for your business in - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Newcastle.

As part of our service we provide obligation free materials handling assessments and quotes based on your operational needs.

Wide Range of New Forklifts at Lencrow

We stock a large range of new forklifts, pallets jacks & trucks, tow tractors and more that can be ordered and fitted with the essential attachments to assist your business' productivity.

Gone are the days of manual handling! As part of our commitment to Australia and its industries we stock environmentally friendly products that have low fuel consumption, low emissions and are extremely cost effective to run.

For the most comprehensive range in one company and conveniently located in all East Coast major cities call or email us today to discuss your options.

We have conveniently listed most of our new forklifts for sale by brand and type for you to browse at your leisure - feel free to send us an email enquiry if you see a product you would like more information about.

You can also refer to our forklift buying guide to help you choose the right new forklift.

UniCarriers manufacture 1F5 Series dual fuel internal combustion forklifts availble in capacities ranging from 3500kg up to 5000kg. These forklifts offer varied load centres to offer a wider variety of mid range forklifts and lifting capacities to suit your needs. Features included in the UniCarriers diesel 1F5 forklift in faster lifting speeds, improved maneuverability, enhanced operator comfort, increased safety and durability to withstand tougher working conditions. 

Please refer to the "Specifications"
1F5 Series
Merlo engineers had a clear objective: designing safe and comfortable machines, features that both aim at improving working conditions. The Panoramic P72.10L Plus & P75.9CS are equipped with active cab suspension, which ensures effective damping under all load, driving and speed conditions. Many innovative solutions have been introduced, adding to the leading visibility of Panoramic models, and ensure high performance typical of larger class machines, while maintaining the compact size and the manoeuverability of small machines. Merlo design gives the model versatility in agricultural, construction, waste management and production applications. In all Merlo telescopic handlers the engine is mounted to the right side of the chassis, ensuring safe, easy access and maintenance from ground level.

For added productivity, a large range of optional attachments including buckets, crane hooks, winches, jibs and man platforms add to the versatility of the P72.10L Plus & P75.9CS. The standard hydraulic quick attach fork carriage allows attachments to be quickly changed using controls in the cab. The smooth boom hydraulics provides greater control and accurate placement. You benefit from easy to use versatile equipment, an increase in efficiency and productivity, and the safest telehandler with 50 years of specialist experience.

Want to find out more about these unique and masterfully designed telehandlers? Contact the Merlo representative at Lencrow Materials Handling on 1300 536 276 or fill out the online enquiry form. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Authorised Merlo Dealer - Noosa - Brisbane - Gold Coast

The new Panoramic P 120.10 HM telescopic handler enhances the Merlo designing concepts because it ensures high-level performances maintaining reduced dimensions. Even if the Panoramic P 120.10 HM is the more compact in its category, it can lift up to 12 tons and reach operational heights of up to 10 meters.

Thanks to this unique technology all operating parameters are analyzed by the main computer which elaborates them and ensure the highest safety in every moment in order to allow the operator to concentrate only on the job. The hydraulic system has a single variable displacement piston pump with Load-Sensing control: this solution permits the regulation of the hydraulic oil flow to immedaitley adapt to the demand of the hydraulic service auctioned, even at a low engine rpm.

Want to find out more about these steel muscles? Call Lencrow Materials Handling today on 1300 536 276 or fill out our online enquiry form and we will have a Merlo representative contact you directly.

Authorised Merlo Dealer - Noosa - Brisbane - Gold Coast

The Merlo Panoramic P60.10 is designed for exactly what is needed on site, a tough reliable tool, easy to use and versatile. The Merlo design gives the advantage of bigger performance in a smaller lighter machine with added flexibility. For added productivity, a large range of optional attachments including buckets, crane hooks, winches, jibs and man platforms add to the versatility of the P60.10.

Highlights from the Merlo Telehandler range include:

  • The roomiest cabin on the market
  • Maximum visibility in all directions
  • Enhanced maneuverability
  • The first suspended cabin in the telescopic sector
  • Superior comfort
Want to find out more? Call Lencrow Materials Handling today. Or simply fill out our online enquiry forms and we will have one of our experienced consultants get in touch.

Authorised Merlo Dealer - Noosa - Brisbane - Gold Coast



Looking for construction machinery? The Merlo Telehandler's are ideal for heavy duty all terrain applications and are built for performance. The 4T telehandlers by Merlo include machines suitable for farming, ask us for more information.

The M CDC is Merlo's unique point of difference ensuring that safety comes first when operating your telehandler. What is M CDC? It's Merlo's Dynamic Load Control System and it's their patented rated capacity limiter. It's an integrated computer safety system that manages the load chart according to the attachment in use. The parameters that it monitors include carried load, the boom angle, extension and speed. The computer can only sense Merlo manufactured attachments and it's the quality the market has been demanding. There are too many incidences on work sites today where machines run in to all kinds of accidents because attachments being used are not matched with the machines rated capacity. This takes the guess work away from your operator and leaves the responsibility to our tried, tested and approved computer system. Find out more here.

Want to find out more about the 4T telehandlers? Call Lencrow Materials Handling today on 1300 536 276 or fill in an online enquiry and we can get in touch with you. 

Authorised Merlo Dealer - Noosa - Brisbane - Gold Coast


A broad range incorporating unique technologies that only Merlo can offer and capable of saving you time, consuming less and working in total safety and comfort. The 3T Panoramic range by Merlo is no exception.

Features of the Panoramic 30.6 Plus & Panoramic 30.8 Plus telehandlers include:

  • Built in reversing camera
  • Air conditioned cabin
  • 2m x 2m compact design
  • Kubota 4 cylinder engine
  • Diesel powered
  • 40km/h top travel speed
  • 3000kg model
  • 3 modes of steering; crab, front wheel and all wheel steer
  • Attachments available include crane jibs, rotators, buckets and many more.

Panoramic 30.6 Plus: 6m high, forward reach 3.5m max
Panoramic 30.8 Plus: 7.7m high, forward reach 5.4m max

Want to find out more about Merlo telehandlers? Please call Lencrow Materials Handling today on 1300 536 276 or simply fill out our online enquiry form and one of our experienced telehandler customer rep's will be in touch. 

Authorised Merlo Dealer - Noosa - Brisbane - Gold Coast
Merlo presents the Panoramic P25.6 telehandler. It's compact design, less than 2m high and 1.8m wide makes it the perfect telehandler for low clearance areas. This model is suitable for agricultural work, construction sites and a perfect addition to a hire fleet to increase versatility in applications. 

Increased efficiency and productivity with 3 modes of steering including crab, all wheel and front wheel drive. Travel speeds of up to 36km/h making operations faster in any industry. 

The Panoramic P25.6 telehandler by Merlo has various attachments available and suitable for a range of applications. Attachments include, but are not limited to, crane jibs, buckets, rotators plus many more. 

Lowered cab makes it ideal for use in basement areas. More space from the widest cab on the market, which includes a built in reversing camera for increased safety on work sites, as well as a spacious entry to the cabin that opens up to 180 degrees. 

Call Lencrow Materials Handling to find out more on 1300 536 276 or place an online enquiry and your closest representative will be in touch with more information. 

Authorised Merlo Dealer - Noosa - Brisbane - Gold Coast
Electric Counterbalance Legless Stacker by EP Equipment - designed for increased stability and non-standard pallet sizes.

Features include:

  • Electric Power Steering
  • Premium electrical components and wiring for easier maintenance
  • Heavy duty load wheel
  • Emergency reverse belly button for increased safety
  • Speed automation during lifting operation
  • Ergonomic operating features for ease of use
  • Compact design

Electric counterbalance walkie stackers are ideal for small spaces and the legless features make unloading trucks hassle free. The tilting mast provides more options in handling loads, which you wouldn't usually have with other types of stackers.

Call today to find out more or feel free to leave an enquiry online and one of our experienced consultants will get in touch. Available as new forklifts sales or in long term rental agreements.

Electric Half Pallet Truck by EP Equipment - EPT20-18EA

Complete innovation to direct store delivery processes providing a new solution for distribution like never before. This product is used by major retail suppliers world wide in conjuction with specialised pallets to deliver a faster, more economical and sustainable service to their customers and community.

This product features:
  • Light service weight
  • Simple, on the go charging feature
  • Excellent battery performance to sustain a typical shift
  • Superb handling perfomance
  • Simple navigation and turning performance
  • Good balance of indoor and outdoor traction performance

These half pallet jacks are taking major international retailers by storm using them in distribution right through to store delivery. The pallet movers come with various optional extras to suit a range of handling needs.
Legless Counterbalance Stacker from EP Equipment - improved handing for various sized pallets.

Features include:
  • Highly durable design for reliability and toughness
  • Small turning circle capability 
  • Heavy duty castor wheel for stability
  • Emergncy belly button
  • Automatic lifting speed limiting for safety
  • Anti-roll back mechanism for improved safety working on inclines
  • Easy maintenance with side access to battery

The legless counterbalance stacker from EP Equipment is easy to use. This warehouse stacker would suit low to medium pallet capacities in warehouses with racking. Ideally suited to indoor operations that have a smooth surface. Pedestrian stacker doesn't require a license to be operated making it a excellent addition to your existing warehouse team to maximise producitivity and make your workload easier.

The straddle stacker is available for short term hire, long term hire or buy it outright today at an affordable price. 
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