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Ross GrassickEP Equipment

So Easy to Operate!

Lencrow has just launched its latest pallet jack on the market. We introduce you to the EP pallet jack model EPT20-15EHJ. This is a pump lift action and power drive unit that offers you greater safety than other hand pallet jacks on the market. It is a 1500kg capacity model with 4500mm ribbed forks that has a reinforced frame for greater strength and durability.

There is no strain when using this equipment and it’s packed with features to ensure the operator can maneuver with the greatest of ease. It features an automatic braking system so that the unit won’t roll away on slopes. It has also been fitted with an anti-roll back for safe take offs on a slope and auto reversing safety switch on the handle.

Want to see how easy it is to use? Check out our product demonstration video!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TapkKPApmZE&feature=youtu.be

Ross Grassick the managing director of Lencrow Materials Handling says ‘We are always looking for cost effective equipment that maximises safety in the workplace and we have found it. The unit was not designed to replace heavy duty pallet jacks that have much longer duty life cycles. It was designed to offer operators a low duty cycle unit that will prevent work place strain whilst improving efficiency and productivity. This unit works very much the same as a standard pallet jack with the addition of a drive unit that offers braking’.The unit works in the same area as a standard pallet jack and the combined weight of the unit is only 150kg. This makes the unit ideal for use in shops and bulky goods outlets. The price of these units is a fraction of a standard power pallet jack.This is a self contained unit with a built in charger that can be charged at any power outlet. As with all of the EP range of equipment they are pollution free and work with a reduced carbon foot print.

Call Lencrow Materials Handling for more information on the Electric Pallet Truck EPT20-15EHJ on 1300 516 436 or send us an email.

Visit www.lencrowforklifts.com.au, we have the most comprehensive range of products in one spot and always have someone available to discuss your materials handling solutions.

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