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Premium Range of Pallet Jacks, Trucks & Pallet Movers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle and Adelaide

Lencrow Materials Handling offers a wide variety of heavy duty, robust and durable pallet jacks, pallet movers and pallet stackers. We have collection of both manual as well as electric pallet trucks for Sale.
Electric Half Pallet Truck by EP Equipment - EPT20-18EA

Complete innovation to direct store delivery processes providing a new solution for distribution like never before. This product is used by major retail suppliers world wide in conjuction with specialised pallets to deliver a faster, more economical and sustainable service to their customers and community.

This product features:
  • Light service weight
  • Simple, on the go charging feature
  • Excellent battery performance to sustain a typical shift
  • Superb handling perfomance
  • Simple navigation and turning performance
  • Good balance of indoor and outdoor traction performance

These half pallet jacks are taking major international retailers by storm using them in distribution right through to store delivery. The pallet movers come with various optional extras to suit a range of handling needs.
Stand-in low lifting pallet transporter avaiable from 2000kg up to 3000kg.

The UniCarriers ALL is a comfortable low lifter forklift truck for internal transport in heavy-duty operations. Designed to suit the longer hours of operation and perform instantly to operators commands. Ideal for larger warehouses with large palletised goods to be moved around with ease.
EP Equipment are known globally for their award winning patented design pallet jack (2014 Winner Of Reddot Most Innovated Product Award) and it's quality electrical components and technology. The electric warehouse range offer complete handling versatility in product application.

Lencrow prefer to supply EP Equipment warehouse equipment because of the quality of the product and it offers true value for money. The features that come standard include easy operation, attention to safe handling by including features such as; anti-roll back mechanisms, speed control, emergency stop by the touch of a button. With EP Equipment you will have peace of mind that you are using safe handling procedures for your business, your operators, your goods as well as the environment. The entire warehouse range utilises green technology and power saving components so you get the most out of the power you use. 

So, what's new and improved in this new model?

The new electric EPT20-15ET2 encompasses EP's patented design with the addition of a caster wheel for increased handling performance and serviceability.

  • Strengthened material around load bearing wheel for increased durability.
  • New battery technology and charging capacity for longer hours of operation.
  • Newly designed "emergency touch belly button" for ULTIMATE safety.
  • Lighter overall weight - less to move.
  • The battery housing in the previous model has been reduced in size to allow easy access to the battery for maintenance.
  • The electrical components have been remastered to reduce faults and failures.
This ride on heavy duty pallet truck is highly durable with strong loading capacity and impressive clmbing ability. The unit features a high capacity battery for longer working hours and excellent performance. Safety features include emergency stop, horn functions, power steerring, emergency reverse, armrest, pressure relief valave and side standing operation. This is available in 2500 to 4000kg models.
Semi-Electric Pallet Truck EPT20-15EHJ by EP Equipment

Reduce the risk of operator strain from manually handling bulky palletised goods. Hand pallet jacks and manual handling are a thing of the past. Promote safer handling in your operation with this semi-electric pallet mover as your newest addition to the team. By integrating a semi-electric pallet mover in to your operation you will increase productivity and reduce the risk of damage with easier operator handling features.

Pallet Truck Features:


  • Patented design unique to EP Equipment
  • Light Service Weight
  • Specially designed ergonomic design
  • Electric Power Steering
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Simple Battery Maintenance
  • Internal Charger
  • No license required 

    Do you know the features, benefits and maintenance differences between a semi-electric pallet truck and a fully electric pallet truck? Discover everything you need to know about electric pallet movers in this article: 

    Electric Pallet Jacks: Types, Benefits & Maintenance

Nissan by Unicarriers
Electric Ride On Pallet Jack by EP Equipment - EPT20-30RT

There isn't a handling application that EP Equipment doesn't cater to in warehouse management. Their complete range harnesses greener technology to provide a safe solution for heavier indoor applications. 

Product Features Include:

  • Electric Power Steering
  • Travel speeds of up to 12km/h
  • Optional features include double fork length, various battery choices, cold storage specifications and many more.
  • Ergonomic operators compartment designed for maximum comfort and safety
  • Emergency foot brake to prevent collisions and accidents
  • Powerful battery for longer periods of handling

The heavier pallet trucks can double as pallet movers or low level order pickers to suit warehouse requirements. Perfect for large pallet storage areas with varied inventory capacities with mediums demands for moving inventory.
Electric Pallet Jack by EP Equipment - EPT20-15ET

Experience effortless handling, increased control and simply easier operation. EP Equipment's full electric pallet jack is one-of-a-kind! Award winning design recognised by the Reddot Design awards for product innovation with more ergonomic and user friendly operation.

Product Features Include:
  • Lighter overall service weight
  • Power lift, power drive
  • Electric Power Steering
  • Battery temperature regulation
  • Long service battery
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Curtis Controller with speed limiting and other programmable features
  • No license required to operate
  • Emergency stop feature
  • Easy to operate 

Excellent addition to boost inventory movement in retail spaces, distribution warehouses, food production, direct store truck deliveries, beverage outlets, consumer goods and any operation with palletised goods up to 1500kg.

New Pallet Jacks & Trucks

Lencrow offer a large range of pallet jacks for sale. Types of hand pallet movers include manual, semi-electric and full electric pallet jacks, which offer power drive and power life. When you are going to purchase a pallet jack, don't forget to read our blog related to the types, features and advantages of pallet jacks.

Pallet jacks are deal for all types of ground level pallet movements to reduce operator strain when manual handling goods and products. Typically used in small shops, warehouses, shopping centres and other operations that receive palletised products.

Lencrow supply UniCarriers, EP Equipment and Xilin all with 100% after sales services and support. Call today to check availability with your local branch.

Lencrow provides a complete range of high-quality pallet trucks, pallet jacks and pallet movers to choose from. Choose the equipment that fulfils your work requirements! We fully recognise the unique needs of businesses and are aware that no two businesses are the same. Thus, it makes complete sense that anyone requiring an electric pallet truck for their warehouse or factory floor will have their own specific requirements.

Lencrow is able to meet the unique needs of businesses in Australia by supplying a wide selection of diverse pallet lifters including a range of sizes and configurations that cater to the manual handling requirements of nearly any industry. Just browse through our range to uncover the choices we provide. Also, you can speak to our industry experts to get advice specific to your precise needs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle, Adelaide and rest of Australia.

Electric Powered Pallet Jacks

Electric powered pallet jacks provide perfect solutions for preventing injuries ensuring workers are never stressed. Electric pallet jacks are designed for use in stiff applications. You can choose from the huge range of compact, standard and heavy duty variants. The compact powered pallet jack integrates power lift and power drive, which facilitates easy movement of heavy pallets in a brilliant compact package. In narrow and tight working environments, a compact powered pallet truck assist in providing unparalleled manoeuvrability. Our ride-on models come in weight capacities that range from 2000 kg to 3000 kg. The logistic ride-on electric pallet jack is an excellent performer for bigger warehouses and workplaces where truck pallets need to be transported long distances.

At Lencrow, we have a range of electric pallet jacks and electric pallet trucks for sale. Pick the ideal equipment depending on your company’s material handling needs.

High Capacity Pallet Jacks

The high capacity pallet jacks are available with different load bearing strength ranging from 1500 kg to 3000 kg. They are ideal for moving very heavy loads and items like vats and safes.

Heavy Duty Powered Pallet Truck

Our heavy duty powered pallet trucks are made to bear the severities of everyday commercial use making it ideal for a huge range of applications. Our heavy duty powered pallet trucks can handle different varieties of loads ranging from 2000 kg to 3500 kg. At Lencrow, we have a wide range of pallet jacks for sale and pallet trucks for sale. As per your company’s material handling requirements, you can choose the right equipment.

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If you want more information on the different types of pallet jacks and pallet trucks that we supply and what will better suit the needs of your business - just pick up your phone and Call 1300 536 276 to get timely and the right assistance from the expert team at Lencrow.

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