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Introduction & Company Profile

Lencrow Materials Handling have been operating in the industry since 1976. It began as a father and son partnership – Keith and Ross Grassick – trading under the name Allforks Hire in Silverwater, Sydney. The core value was to provide top quality forklifts for hire at the best value. With over 35 years of experience Ross Grassick administers all aspects of Lencrow Materials Handling offering the same value for money, experience and quality equipment.

From the 1980’s Allforks Hire pioneered forklift transport, ‘fork and driver’ services and all terrain forklift equipment hire. This set the bench mark for years to come as they were at the cutting edge of new machines and new material handling equipment. The business established itself quickly and doubled in size offering over 300 units for hire.

In the 1990’s Lencrow launched a branch in Brisbane trading under Hi-Lift Materials Handling. This coincided with the purchase and supply of Fantuzzi (Italy) container handling equipment. The first unit was hired to the Port of Brisbane to use at the multimodal terminal. It was during this time the business was consolidated and decided to trade under the sole name of Lencrow.

By the year 2000 the company had established itself a base in Melbourne with the purchase of Pro-Fork.

EP Equipment during the early 2000’s was in its infancy as a manufacturer of pedestrian equipment. Lencrow established a collaborative business relationship with the China based company and gained the rights to sell the world class equipment to Australia. Lencrow is proud of its history working with manufacturers to supply equipment to Australian industry that is reliable, valuable and compliant to Australian safety standards.

Nissan was another brand that Lencrow was sole distributor of and this was through the acquisition of Nomad Lift-Trucks. Lencrow has also been reinstated with being the East Coast dealer for Nissan by Unicarriers when Powerlift sold all retail rights to Lencrow.

Lencrow has established offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and services regional Australia with bases in Newcastle. Most recently Lencrow established itself in South Australia.

Lencrow has a strong focus on customer service and have maintained relationships with valued clients for years. With over 60 experienced and professional staff across the nation Lencrow can deliver quality service and value for money.

Lencrow’s success is attributed to its focus on quality, value for money, adaptability to industry advancements and its focus on building long lasting customer relationships. The core values it originated with in 1976 are still embraced by the company today.

In an effort to increase its scale and network in Australia, North Fork Group acquired Lencrow Materials Handling in May 2019.

Mission Statement

“Consistent excellence in Service through materials handling solutions”

The Lencrow Group will strive to provide our customers with the highest level of service and equipment whilst doing so at the best possible value.

We will also strive to provide a safe and satisfying work environment for all our employees.

We will at all times look to create a safe and clean environment for all our community.