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Merlo Telehandlers: What is M CDC?

Merlo has developed one of the most technologically advanced telehandlers on the market. Merlo’s unique patented computerised M CDC has changed the telescopic machine game. The M CDC is just one of the revolutionary features where Merlo has added value to the market.

The M CDC is Merlo’s Dynamic Load Control System. Merlo presents their patented rated capacity limiter. It’s an integrated computer safety system that manages the load chart according to the attachment in use. The parameters that it monitors include carried load, the boom angle, extension and speed. The computer can only sense Merlo manufactured attachments and it’s the quality the market has been demanding.

The Merlo CDC system is designed to deliver the highest level of safety for the operator, as well the most convenience for simple operation.


Merlo MCDC

Merlo MCDC

What does M CDC do?

Ultimately, it stabilises the front of the telehandler. It takes in to account the boom angle, extension and height and then uses this information to ensure the unit remains stable. The computer quickly calculates all the information to alert the driver what is the ideal descent speed for the load the telehandler is carrying based on each value.

How does M CDC work?

The M CDC uses load sensors that are situated on the load-cell and boom-lifting cylinder. The load sensor ensures high precision for maximum safety and will read the information at every level.

The M CDC uses the measurement of the boom extensions and the angle of the boom to calculate the real time geometrical configuration of the machine.

Automatic vs. Manual

The attachment and equipment recognition can be either automatic, which will only work with pre-set TreEmme designed and Merlo rated equipment.

Alternatively, it can also work manually with the operator specifying the type of equipment that is installed on the Telehandler.

Where the M CDC system really shines is that is analyses the values received from the load sensor to calculate the real-time effective capacity on the machine.

The M CDC system then compares the value of the effective capacity with the maximum capacity in the instantaneous geometric configuration (reach and height), thereby calculating the load index

The speed of boom movements will vary in relation to the load index value in order to maximise the machine stability.

Cab Design

As part of the world class designed operator compartment, the cab has a built-in display, which provides the operator with the following information:

  • Bar graph (LED)
  • Work on Wheels Stabiliser
  • Weight lifted and maximum capacity
  • Operational geometric configuration
  • Load Index
  • Graphic positon of load
  • Attachment fitted

The load index works on a percentage scale being 1% shows the maximum stability load index and 100% is at risk of frontal instability

With the versatility of Telehandlers being so great, it can also operate as a loader with bucket.

Merlo Cabin

The European Design Standard

The EN15000 standard allows for working with a shovel or bucket.  The Merlo MCDC has built in modifications of the margins of intervention of safety systems, which enables smoother and easier work with such equipment.

The MCDC with boom retracted and a low angle will give work