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How to clean an electric forklift?

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What’s the best way to keep an electric forklift clean? It is really easy to make a costly mistake if you’re not sure. Great question! Credits go to one of our recent online chatter’s – Thanks Carly, in Victoria.

Question: “How do you clean an electric forklift?”

Answer: Use compressed air, not water.

Air compressors are the only way to keep an electric forklift clean on the outside. If you use water it can impact the forklift’s electrical components causing extensive damage and electrical shortages. Exposing an electric forklift to water causes electrical failure, power shortages, broken seals and inevitably corrosion. Using the right amount of air pressure, easily created by using an air compressor, you will be able to remove most debris and dirt easily off the outside of your forklift.

Electric forklifts are designed to be water resistant – not waterproof! Please remember they are cannot be operated in the rain or exposed to large amounts of water.

We did some research on prices at local retailers and air compressors can be purchased for as little as $100, which is cheaper than the cost of a call out fee for a service technician to repair any water-damaged components. Most forklift servicing vehicles are fitted with air compressors and technicians can do this for you if you have them coming to your site – just ask!

Electric Battery Maintenance: If you require the battery in your electric forklift cleaned we recommend having it inspected by an authorised person. Batteries are expensive to replace if they are not maintained correctly. Your local authorised service centre will have the right equipment on site to carry out the correct battery maintenance for you. Call your local service centre for more information about this service.

Thanks to Carly for the question! Here’s a link on how to pressure clean an electric forklift correctly. Feel free to have a chat to us if you have any questions you’d like answered.