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Electric Euro Forklift

Electric Forklift 1300 - 2000kg TX Series

  • Full AC control, with AC traction and hydraulic pump motor for higher level performance, lower electricity consumption and reduced maintenance costs
  • Double rear wheel for greater stability and load capacity
  • Dual AC drive – twin independent control
  • Power steering (load saving) operated via AC hydraulic motor – no unnecessary third motor for power steering
TX Series 13
Electric Forklift 1000 - 3500kg FB Series

Electric Forklift 1000 - 3500kg FB Series

  • Anti-roll Mechanism
  • Asbestos-free brake shoe materials
  • Battery under cover
  • Cylinder type bonnet stay with locking function
UniCarriers newest version of the four wheel electric lift truck sets a new benchmark in leading edge design. These trucks are 100% AC powered and are engineered to be rugged and dependable in your daily operations. Unicarriers electric forklifts deliver excellent productivity in a package that is reliable, comfortable and agile. With 100% AC power, Unicarriers lift trucks have higher travel and lifting speeds as well as superior starting and grade climbing abilities. Main controller settings can be adjusted to suit the individual needs of your operators.
FB Series
Electric Forklift

Electric Forklifts 1500 - 3000kg BX Series

  • Headlamps with guard
  • Restraint seat with suspension
  • Double control lever hydraulic system (Standard)
  • Parking brake warning buzzer
Eco-friendly, Economical and Easy to Operate:
Get Outstanding Productivity Results with the new BX

Featuring cutting edge technologies, BX Series is the ultimate in electric-powered forklifts.

In addition to class-leading performances including long operating hours, superb power and high travelling speeds, environment friendly and economical series as well as its easy operation.

Balancing safety and quality remarkable efficiency, BX Series is the electric-powered forklifts destined to become the first choice in the material handling scenes.
C1B2 Cushion Tire - 2.0 Ton
3 Wheel Electric Forklift

3 Wheel Electric Forklift 1500 - 2000kg CPD15-20TV

  • Regenerative braking to save battery life
  • Excellent turning circle and handling performance
  • Excellent traction, even on ramps
  • Clear wide view mast for excellent visibility
3 Wheel Electric Forklift by EP Equipment - CPD13TV, CPD15TV, CPD16TV, CPD18TV, CPD20TV

Options! Options! Options! EP Equipment has recently reevaluated their entire 3 wheel forklift range to offer more variations than ever before. This is good news for the market because it means that you can now purchase a new forklift with the right specifications for your handling application. It'll be a perfect match instead of just the closest fit.

Electric Forklift Range includes:
  • Premium battery performance - select a battery according to your handling demands. Choosing a battery to match your handling can save you money.
  • Dual rear wheel for increased stability and better handling
  • Excellent visibility for the operator
  • AC drive unit
  • Digital display to monitor forklift performance
  • Increased manoeuvrability using dual drive performance
  • Maintenance-free braking system makes braking safe and comfortable
  • Motor brake for regenerative braking during deceleration
  • Automatically engaging parking brake for secure stopping, even on ramps
  • Other models available with finger tip operator controls 

Contact us today to find out more about how choosing the right electric forklift can save your operation money. We have experienced consultants in all of our branch locations to find the right electric warehouse equipment for your operation.

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Electric Forklift For Sale

4 Wheel Electric Forklift 1500 - 3500kg CPD-F

  • Different battery sizes to suit different applications for improved performance
  • AC Controller
  • Wide view mast for excellent visibility
  • Programmable LCD display.
(4 Wheel) Electric Forklift by EP Equipment - CPD15FVD, CPD18FVD, CPD20FVD, CPD25FVD, CPD30FVD, CPD35FVD & CPD30FT8, CPD35FT8

Experience smooth operation, improved stability and premium electric performance in the four-wheel electric range from EP Equipment. EP Equipment have continued to deliver innovative solutions for warehouse operations. They never fail to impress with continuous improvement and options to meet the needs of the market. 

Product options include:

  • Various lifting capacities
  • Premium battery performance
  • Variable battery options to improve cost effectiveness according to operational usage
  • Safety lighting kits
  • Advanced traction control to reduce slipping on slopes
  • Excellent stability 
  • Compact size makes it suitable for smaller areas
  • AC controller for recharging simplicity

Contact us today to find out more about how choosing the right electric forklift can save your operation money. We have experienced consultants in all of our branch locations to find the right electric warehouse equipment for your operation.

Want to read more about 3 wheel electric forklifts? Find out more in our article highlighting all the features and benefits, click here.

New Electric Forklifts in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Adelaide

Need a clean, quiet, versatile forklift for your indoor lifting operations? Lencrow Forklifts have the right electric forklift to suit your job. Electric forklifts are most commonly used for indoor materials handling and are well suited to warehouses or sites with flat, concrete surfaces.

Electric forklifts are made primarily for indoor use and are designed to suit a range of different handling applications. They are powered by deep cycle batteries that allow for long hours of operation, and although they require charging between uses, electric forklifts are a much more environmentally friendly option than their diesel and fuel-operated counterparts.

Lencrow Forklifts stock a wide range of new electric forklifts from trusted names such as UniCarriers, EP Equipment and Xilin. This includes the 3 wheel CPD15-20TV range and 4 wheel CPD-F range by EP Equipment and the TX, BX and FB Series by UniCarriers.

3 wheel electric forklifts have smaller turning circles, offer more maneuverability and are a more suitable option in warehouses with narrow aisles, smooth floors and high racking. 4 wheel electric forklifts offer better stability when turning and are better suited for yard and loading bay work, with a higher lifting capacity of up to 8000 kg.

Advantages of electric forklifts

Electric forklifts need less component maintenance over their lifetime than gas and fuel powered models and therefore have a lower total cost of ownership. Other benefits of electric forklifts include;

  • A range of optional features to suit your specific materials handling requirements.
  • Manufactured to suit a variety of industrial handling applications such as food manufacturing, warehousing and order picking.
  • Zero emissions for a safe indoor working environment.
  • Little or no noise during operation.
  • Lower centre of gravity making them more stable.
  • Much tighter turning radius meaning greater storage capacity and less potential for damage.
  • Greater rear visibility with no propane cylinder mounted on the back.

Lencrow are the materials handling experts

At Lencrow, we offer the most extensive range of materials handling equipment in the country. As well as selling new forklifts in all capacities and for all applications, we also sell second hand equipment and dry or wet hire forklifts across Australia.

Our success is due to our unwavering focus on providing our customers with quality and value for money, and everything we do is backed by superior after sales service and support. With five branches and more than 60 experienced staff, we have the resources to provide Australian business with materials handling solutions that go above and beyond.

Take our preventative maintenance programs for example. Our computer-aided Planned Preventative Maintenance System (PPMS) to tailor a unique servicing plan for your forklift to keep your running costs to a minimum.

At Lencrow, we still embrace the same core values we started with back in 1976 and we will continue to strive towards ensuring a sustainable future for Australian industry by providing an all-inclusive, one-stop materials handling solution.

Talk to us about our new electric forklift range today

If you want to learn more about any of our electric forklifts, we invite you to browse through our extensive online range, or you can give one of our friendly consultants a call to discuss your requirements on 1300 536 276.

You can also get in touch with us at any time by filling out our online enquiry form, and one of our experienced staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Lencrow Forklifts Australia Wide for all your materials handling needs | Click here to download the PDF file - Download PDF
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