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Ross Grassick

Materials Handling

What Functions Do Forklift Trucks Serve in Materials Handling?

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Here we briefly describe what function the following classifications of equipment serve in materials handling:

Forklift Trucks

The most common type is a forklift truck. This truck can be driven up to the precise location of the load or racking and the tynes overhang from the front of the machine with no straddle legs or arms.

It means a reach function is not required because it brings itself to straightforward operation. Forklift trucks are available as petrol/LPG (dual fuel) and diesel powered options. They have driver cabs and can have different attachments fitted to them to suit different load applications.

Reach Trucks

Reach trucks are intended largely for warehouse operations. They offer ultimate lift height with exceptional manoeuvrability. The forks are designed to ‘reach’ out outside the stabilising legs and thus ‘reach’ into racking. While still operating in very tight working environments, reach trucks can lift to great heights (above 10 metres).

The straddle legs and batteries in a reach truck counteract the requirement for any counterbalancing weight within the truck build. A few reach truck manufacturers design products with a tilt-able cab mechanism to create a more comfortable position for an operator to view loads at a height. On the other hand, some other manufacturers keep a very open overhead guard, as they think it is simply not required. To increase visibility, reach trucks can be fixed with cameras on the fork carriage, which pass on a signal down to an LCD screen in the cab to assist navigation. These systems can be wireless or wired, but as per our experience, wired systems are more dependable as they are not vulnerable to obstruction from outside sources like broadband routers. Reach trucks are made for indoor use and they do an excellent job.

Hand Pallet Trucks

Hand pallet trucks are non-powered pedestrian operated pallet movers that can move palletised loads usually up to 2,000kg in weight. They are easy to use with the operator sliding the forks into the pallet and by pumping the handle to lift the forks from the ground, and moving the load through the handle. The front wheels are fitted inside the end of the forks, and as the hydraulic jack is lifted, the forks are divided vertically from the front wheels, forcing the load upward till it clears the ground.
The pallet is raised adequately to clear the ground for subsequent move. Lencrow Materials Handling has available now a huge range of powered pallet trucks that will cover the needs of all Australian businesses.

Various types of hand pallet trucks are available:

  • 1. Euro pallet compliant
  • 2. Standard pallet compliant
  • 3. Foldable
  • 4. Low profile
  • 5. All terrain
  • 6. Stainless steel construct
  • 7. Wide fork-spread
  • 8. Narrow fork-spread
  • 9. Short forked
  • 10.Long forked

The above mentioned are just a few of the forklift trucks from a large range.

Lencrow Materials Handling is completely an Australian owned and family operated business since 1976 providing a range of forklifts from top brands for the different material handling requirements. You can buy new or used forklifts outright or get forklifts on rental basis per your business requirements from Lencrow.