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Short Term Forklift Hire: Tips for Booking

Have you discovered you need to hire a forklift?

Do you know what kind of information you might need before contacting a forklift hire supplier?

Rest assured, you can find all the information you will need to know here to simplify booking forklift hire. Feel free to download our free forklift hire checklist tool and use it each time you need to book a forklift. Map the workflow of the load you need to move and identify the 10 following points to reduce your time booking forklift hire.

Download Forklift Hire Checklist


Do you know the weight of the item that needs lifting? Forklifts have rated capacities and they can lift specific weights. Have this information ready so that your supplier can identify the correct forklift for your application.

Lifting Height

Do you know how the maximum height you need to lift your goods? Forklifts have rated capacities and load limits. Forklift masts and attachments are already designated according to rated capacities and they cannot be overloaded for safety reasons. The higher you lift your goods reduces the overall capacity that the forklift. This is especially important information when you have high warehouse racking. If you know they maximum weight of what you need to lift against the highest point you need this to reach helps your supplier find a forklift suitable to your application.

Another important point to take note of is the height of any entry points you may need to drive the forklift through. Your forklift supplier will need to know this to ensure that the collapsed height of the mast will allow you entry through doorways and entrances.


Where are you going to use the forklift? If you need to unload items for a container, you will need a forklift fitted with a container mast. If you are going to use the forklift indoors for an extended period of time, then an electric forklift might be better suited to your needs because they don’t burn fuel that creates toxic emissions. Describe the goods you need to move and the workspace you have to work in. This maximises the safety of your workplace.

Fuel Type

Ask yourself, if you hire a forklift, can you refuel it if it runs low? Knowing this information will ensure you stay productive for the duration of the forklift rental period.


Describe the surface that forklift will operating on. If you are on a construction site that is rugged and unsealed, you might be more suited to hiring a rough terrain forklift. Alternatively, if you are indoors and operating on a warehouse surface you would need a forklift that has non-marking tyres already fitted to it.

Licensed Operator

Who will operate the forklift once you hire it? WHS requires a licensed operator needs to drive the forklift on premises. If you don’t have a licensed operator or have one but they’re not confident, your supplier is able to provide an experienced forklift operator who is trained to handle all types of goods.


How long do you need to use the forklift for? If you indicate how long you need the forklift for, your supplier can indicate the availability of the type you need once you have established all the previous mentioned information. Forklift hire companies have fleets that are subject to availability. Knowing the capacity and lifting requirements first will help you quickly find a supplier who can assist with finding a forklift suitable to your materials handling needs.

Forklift Delivery/Pick-Up

Do you need your forklift delivered or can you pick it up? Forklift hire businesses have transport options that are subject to availability and price. Make sure you find out delivery prices first. Most forklift hire businesses will charge a pickup and delivery fee based on their location to your business. If you have your own method of transport, ensure you find out the total weight of the forklift you want to hire and that your truck can manage the weight easily.

If you can pick-up your forklift – check with your forklift supplier if this is allowed.

Availability & Booking

When do you need it? This is actually one of the final points to cover. Once the forklift supplier has established all of your materials handling needs and identified the right forklift for you they will be able to book it in based on availability.


What’s your budget? The forklift industry is very competitive. If you are looking for a short term forklift, you might be better off contacting your closest supplier for availability due to lower transport costs. If you have more detailed forklift requirements, then going to a larger forklift hire company will most likely help you find a quick hire solution because they will have access to a more comprehensive fleet.

Other advantages of using larger forklift hire companies is that they will have service technicians on call in the event of a breakdown, larger forklift transport fleets for deliveries and a team of experienced operators.

Using all of this information ensures that the forklift hire business will allocate the right equipment to suit your application. Using the work flow system ensures that the forklift you hire can be used safely in your workspace.

Download our FREE forklift hire checklist and use it as each time you need to book short forklift hire.

Checklist of things to consider when purchasing a Forklift


Ross Grassick

Ross Grassick

Ross founded Lencrow Group with his father back in 1976. Since then Ross has built a nationwide business, pioneered new technology and services in the materials handling industry. Ross is an industry veteran, an advocate for vocational training and a fountain of knowledge on all things mechanical.
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