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Shielding Forklift from Tilting or Tipping

Forklifts are heavy duty vehicles that work incessantly. And due to this, they have some important safety considerations that should be kept in mind at all times. One of the most grievous and hazardous safety problems is tilting or tipping.

Shielding Forklift from Tilting or Tipping

Forklift Safety Requisites

The major forklift safety requisites are:

Load management

It can be very risky to give into the temptation of loading extra load to a forklift. Many people don’t understand that “even adding a small weight will add to the whole load”, which is the surer way of causing a forklift to tilt or tip. Refrain from adding anything to the load even if there’s a little doubt or the load is near to its utmost capacity.

Load balance

Forklifts are designed in a symmetrical model to accept and carry balanced loads. Only one thing can happen if a heavy load is asymmetrical or unbalanced – tipping. Thus, make sure that the load is appropriately loaded and fittingly protected.


Masts have problems sometimes but when they do, they can be terrible. An out of order mast will predictably cause the load to tilt or tip. So, at the slightest of doubt concerning the condition of a mast, take the forklift for a check up to the service workshop and have the service personnel inspect it straight away.


The suspension is another important part of the forklift, especially for heavy loads. There might be suspension problems when the forklift gets unusually bouncy. A defective suspension will automatically compromise a heavy load so it’s better to call forklift servicing personnel at the earliest.


Tyres of the forklift take the whole pressure of both the forklift and the load it’s carrying. It just takes one tyre to break down and the complete load will tilt or tip. So at all times, have the forklift’s tyres checked and ensure to keep them well maintained with regular forklift maintenance. You can checkout our old post on Benefits of Regular Forklift Servicing: Preventative Maintenance


Forklift drivers in Australia are licensed and they are mindful of the safety requisites. Don’t permit an unlicensed person to drive a forklift. In fact, the most capable qualified drivers can have problems, so there’s absolutely no reason to allow an unqualified driver anywhere near a forklift.

Access Issues

One of the surer ways to unbalance the forklift load is by driving a forklift through “doubtful access points” such as a crowded warehouse floor. Suppose the load hits anything, it will obstruct the movement of the forklift and an expected tilt/ tip incident will take place. Make use of another access point or clear the space for the forklift.

Keep the forklift well-maintained

Keeping the forklift regularly maintained is the most effective way to remove the majority of the tilting/ tipping hazards. In case, any of the above problems occur in a new forklift then these problems can also be fixed quickly under the new forklift warranty. Technicians will find any possible dangers and avert accidents by replacing tyres, adjusting the suspension, checking masts and fixing any damage. Look at it in a different way – just a phone to the forklift servicing workshop can save a life, maybe your own. That’s excellent value!

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Ross Grassick

Ross Grassick

Ross founded Lencrow Group with his father back in 1976. Since then Ross has built a nationwide business, pioneered new technology and services in the materials handling industry. Ross is an industry veteran, an advocate for vocational training and a fountain of knowledge on all things mechanical.
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