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Ross Grassick

Pallet Jacks

Lencrow Powered Pallet Jack range has you covered

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Lencrow Materials Handling has available now a complete range of powered pallet jacks that will cover the needs of all Australian businesses.

Ross Grassick managing director of Lencrow says “We have been working for the past few years to develop a range of pallet transporters that will cover the needs of our customers. We found that we needed eight different types to cover all the applications our customers required. Some of these were previously not available which meant customers had to fill the gap with previous models which were to large or hard to use in confined spaces.”

New models include two different units that will turn in the back of delivery trucks and with a capacity of 1500kgs and self weight of only 205kgs allowing more payload. This is half the weight of previously used units. Lencrow will be releasing a freezer proof version latter this year to overcome the previous problems encountered in refrigerated delivery trucks.

The new EPT20-20RA centre rider unit is designed specially for order picking with a function that allows the unit to be moved while walking beside. This jog function saves time with the operator not having to reenter the unit between picks.

Safety is one of the most important aspects to Lencrow. The new EPT20-15EHJ has been designed to replace the standard hand pallet jack. This unit has a normal hand pump with power drive. The idea behind this unit was to reduce the incidence of repetitive strain injuries with the power drive function and with the added safety of automatic braking.

Ross Grassick says “Our customers have been looking for efficient braking on hand pallet jacks for years. We also found that not only from not being able to stop the unit but to start the load rolling contributed to many long term repetitive strain injures. The cost of the EPT20-15EHJ is little when it comes to staff and in many situations customers safety.”

Like all products that Lencrow supplies in the Australian market they offer both spare parts and after sales service. Lencrow is happy to advise you on the best solutions for all your materials handling needs. Call Lencrow on 1300 516 436 or visit them at www.lencrowforklifts.com.au for more details.