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3 Reasons Why Forklift Rental Benefits Your Business

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Every day, businesses ask us if hiring a forklift is better than owning one. The truth is, there are different circumstances where forklift rental might be the right option for a business.

Unlike buying a new forklift, rental options offer a world of flexibility in terms of hire type, the period of hire, make/model and maintenance packages. Renting is also an opportunity to minimise operational costs, achieve greater control of monthly expenditures, and get equipped with the right resources to cater for busy periods or seasonalities.

How forklift rental can benefit your business

There are three key benefits to renting a forklift for your business:


Choosing to rent offers your business the flexibility to easily increase or decrease the number of forklifts you have at any one time if your needs change. Many businesses also experience demand changes seasonally which impacts on their requirements. For example, during the busy Christmas holiday period, your business might require an additional forklift, and you can easily access this through renting. On the other hand, you might only want to move one or two items using a forklift. In this case, you could rent a forklift for only a few hours along with a trained operator.

Additionally, if you have multiple forklift rentals you can consolidate all mobile equipment under a single fleet management package, depending on the period of time you will be hiring for.

Financial Predictability

Managing a business is rarely straightforward and chances are you’ve reviewed your budgets for new ways to keep costs low and productivity high. Choosing smaller investments such as a forklift rental solution can be a good option for reducing operating costs. This is because your business profit is generated through equipment you’ve paid for, and so you can be sure the funds you’re spending are directly impacting your bottom dollar.

If you’re short on staff, a wet-hire option eliminates the time and resources you would have had to put towards training, safety inductions and other HR-related activities. Unlike dry-hire, which is where you hire without an operator, you’re guaranteed operator productivity and efficiency, coupled with the latest technology in manual handling.

Even if you need to rent a forklift for an extended period of time, your business capital won’t be tied down, giving you a greater level of financial flexibility for your business and the opportunity to move forward no matter what the current economic condition may be.

Operational Efficiency

In Australia, all rental forklifts must comply with Australian standards, health and safety legislation, and forklift rental businesses generally provide forklifts that are less than two years old. This means your staff will be using the latest equipment with the most up to date features, helping your business to get the job done quicker and faster.

Rental also consists of only a single charge and no extra costs, which not only provides peace of mind but also simplifies and improves your monthly/quarterly budgeting.

Maintenance and repairs are other reasons renting is an effective short-term solution for your businesses. For example, when an unanticipated breakdown of a forklift that you own occurs, work is put on hold until you can have it repaired or replaced. Hiring the forklift helps you overcome these hurdles as you’ll have access to a computer-based fleet management system and reliable support, allowing you to meet your deadlines and targets.

An affordable solution for your business

When renting a forklift, make sure to speak with a forklift dealer to get one that matches your precise requirements, ask for any special equipment which you may require, and inspect the forklift’s current condition before taking it.

Lencrow Forklifts is an Australian owned, family operated business that offers new and used forklifts for sale and facilitates forklift rentals in the Australian Market. Contact us today to discuss your business requirements for forklift rental.


Ross Grassick

Ross Grassick

Ross founded Lencrow Group with his father back in 1976. Since then Ross has built a nationwide business, pioneered new technology and services in the materials handling industry. Ross is an industry veteran, an advocate for vocational training and a fountain of knowledge on all things mechanical.
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