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16 Mar
Transport Equipment Used in Warehouse for Material Handling

In any business that requires bulk amount of manufacturing, distribution and storage of industry material, warehouse operations strike as an overwhelming challenge. All the processes, workflow and approaches followed inside the warehouse greatly impact your business outcome and its efficiency. Many businesses are not cognizant of the fact that the methods and equipment they implement to increase the speed, efficiency and productivity of material management decide a bigger part of how they are going to perform in the competitive market.

This is where material handling equipment comes to aid better. We have summed up different types of common material handling equipment used in conventional practices.

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19 Feb

Merlo has developed one of the most technologically advanced telehandlers on the market. Merlo’s unique patented computerised M CDC has changed the telescopic machine game. The M CDC is just one of the revolutionary features where Merlo has added value to the market.

The M CDC is Merlo’s Dynamic Load Control System. Merlo presents their patented rated capacity limiter. It’s an integrated computer safety system that manages the load chart according to the attachment in use. The parameters that it monitors include carried load, the boom angle, extension and speed. The computer can only sense Merlo manufactured attachments and it’s the quality the market has been demanding.

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27 Jan
Forklift Types

To lift and move materials for small distances, a forklift is used, which is a powered industrial truck. A forklift is also known as a lift truck, a forklift truck or a fork truck. Let’s understand about the different types of forklifts and their common use.

Types of Forklift

The major forklift trucks are diesel powered forklift, LPG/petrol powered forklift and electric powered forklift. Let’s take a look at all types of forklifts and their use in brief.

Use of Diesel Powered Forklift

Diesel forklift trucks are one of the strongest workhorses in the material handling world. It perfectly fits a huge range of unit loads and made to endure the severities of outdoor work.

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22 Dec
Heavy Duty Electric Pallet Trucks - Lencrow

You’ll require using pallet jacks or pallet trucks in your procedure if you’re running a manufacturing plant or an extensive storage facility. Ensure you keep the following key buying guidelines in mind prior to shopping for a pallet truck or an electric pallet jack.

Buying an Electric Pallet Jack

When it comes to choosing pallet jacks, there are different power sources that need due consideration such as electric, petrol and diesel-powered equipment. The best option would be electric-powered equipment if you will be using your pallet jack indoors. Electric pallet jacks render you with sufficient power for most operations and they’re also safe to use.

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21 Oct


You may have read our article on how to clean an electric forklift recently.

But how should you clean other types of forklifts? Great question because while every forklift make and model will be slightly different there are specific things you need to check before you take the water to your forklift. When in doubt,  contact your supplier for advice specific to your forklift. 

Remember, when you wash a forklift you need to be mindful of certain parts of the forklift truck so that you do not cause damage to the engine or electrical components.

Before you wash your forklift these are general rule of thumb observations and actions to take before you wet anything.

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10 Oct
Managing Christmas Inventory

Tis’ the season to be jolly… Or if you are in warehousing and distribution it’s the season where everything picks up and now is the time to prepare. We have provided you with a monthly checklist to help prepare for the coming months.

Planning is key to a successful and profitable season. 

Retail, produce and online warehouse holiday season preparedness checklist. How does your plan match up so far?


This is the time when you should be completing a thorough stock take of inventory. Utilise the quieter months to prepare for the “holiday season”.
Do you have a Warehouse Management System?

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22 Sep


How long has it been since you reviewed your warehouse floor plan?

The purpose and function of your warehouse may not have changed but it’s important to review your floor plan as your business grows. Efficiency is a crucial component to any business. Make a commitment to regularly review the workflow of your warehouse and actively improve processes where possible.

Here are some points to offer your warehouse managers to observe and provide feedback to improve productivity, safety, efficiency and drive the bottom dollar.

So what does it take to make a warehouse efficient and cost effective?

We are seeing a growing number of third part warehousing situations in the current economy due to the rising cost of real-estate and labour.

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02 Sep

Electric Forklifts provide numerous benefits to indoor operations with medium to large handling needs. In this article, we will explore the features, functions and benefits of the 3 wheel forklift by UniCarriers – TX Series. Move your operation to the top! Strong basic performance creates higher work efficiency, comfortable operation, safety and reliable performance. Introduce a warehouse forklift that will meet your production expectations and be an invaluable asset to your business.

This product is predominantly manufactured to target operations that need to consider fuel emissions, safety and industrial regulations. This is not to say other types of businesses wouldn’t benefit from using electric powered forklifts.

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04 Aug

Electric pallet trucks simply make moving palletised loads easier. They utilise power that is stored in a battery creating the benefit of power drive and power lift, which reduces the effort required an operator needs to use to move product. It also allows operation to maximise productivity with the elimination of manually operated functions.

This equipment is classified as pedestrian and doesn’t require a license to be operated. It is advised that every person who uses pedestrian equipment undergoes training from a site supervisor and is shown the correct way to operate the unit.


Here are the types, features and benefits of electric pallet jacks you should consider when looking to purchase for your business.

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01 Aug

You may have read our recent blog where we shared with you some tips on finding spare parts for your forklift. If you missed our article on “Forklift Spare Part Hacks” please click here.

We have been in the forklift hire industry for 40 years. In this time, Lencrow has accumulated an eclectic range of forklifts and materials handling products to hire out to our customers that cater to various applications. Our fleet is made up different brands and we have had to maintain these regularly to ensure a high level of reliability for our customers who hire equipment from us.

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