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Mast Explorer Forklift Parts – Halla Forklift Parts

You may have read our recent blog where we shared with you some tips on finding spare parts for your forklift. If you missed our article on “Forklift Spare Part Hacks” please click here.

We have been inSpare_Parts_Web_Image the forklift hire industry for 40 years. In this time, Lencrow has accumulated an eclectic range of forklifts and materials handling products to hire out to our customers that cater to various applications. Our fleet is made up different brands and we have had to maintain these regularly to ensure a high level of reliability for our customers who hire equipment from us.

In the 40 years, we have been a forklift service provider, Lencrow has seen many brands come into the market that no longer exist or brands that we no longer require spare parts for because we don’t use them in our hire fleet. As a result, we are listing all of our available spare parts online to be sold. The parts in the list are the stock we have available and ready to be distributed.


Mast Explorer are a Mecano Continental product of rough terrain forklifts manufactured in Spain and distributed to over 60 countries. The production of the rough terrain forklifts ceased in 2013 when the company experienced economic hardship in a difficult local economy.

Mast explorerLencrow has over 1,500 genuine Mast Explorer spare parts in stock to suit a range of models. The difficulty to obtain genuine Mast Explorer parts is going to increase as fewer people know the origin of the components a Mast Explorer engine. Mecano Continental sourced their parts from a range of suppliers around the world and the knowledge of these suppliers will not be commonly known among various forklift spare parts sellers. Lencrow is committed to providing after sales support for the brands that we supply. We also recognise that there may be forklift owners around Australia who would benefit from knowing what spare parts are available in the country for their existing Mast Explorer forklifts.

Choose from Australia's widest range of forklifts and request a quote or call us on 1300 536 276 to discuss your business requirements.

You can review the Mast Explorer forklift parts in Australia we have available for sale online. You are able to search via product code as they would be listed in your forklift service manual or by part name. We have indicated the quantities available and you’re welcome to send us an enquiry on any listed items.

These spare parts can be delivered to anywhere in Australia upon request and our spare parts interpreters will help you with freight costs. Most existing Mast Explorer stock is in our Melbourne branch, located in Hallum if you’d prefer to visit.

Mast Halla & Yale's Discontinued forklift parts



Halla Forklifts were manufactured in Korea until 1997. In the range, there were LPG forklifts and diesel forklifts up to 3.5t. The Halla brand is associated with Hyundai and was more predominantly involved with manufacturing excavators.

Halla forklifts are not commonly available and the existing genuine spare parts supply around the world is limited. Models in the range Halla forklifts that were manufactured include the HGF25, HGF30, HDF2, HDF30 and HD35.

Lencrow was a supplier for Halla Forklift products back in the 1980’s when they were still in circulation. There are over 800 genuine spare parts available in our existing stock to complement the Halla range of forklifts. These parts are good until sold.

To see the full list of Halla Forklift parts, click here. We welcome any enquiries on these and postage is available upon request to anywhere in Australia. The stock is in our Brisbane and Sydney warehouses.


YaleYale Forklift parts are available from the Australian supplier, Hystandard Handling Equipment. Yale is now affiliated with Hyster forklift as well. Lencrow doesn’t have any Yale forklifts in our existing fleet and have a range of spare parts available to suit various models. We welcome any enquiries that you may have about the list of Yale spare parts available for sale, click here to see the what’s available.

Lencrow has had an opportunity to work with many leading forklift manufacturing brands. We have one of the largest range of forklift parts Australia. We also have the knowledge about spare parts for forklift brands that are no longer manufactured.

We always recommend going to the original forklift manufacturer local supplier and distributor with enquiries. They will be able to guide you through spare parts enquiries with the knowledge of the models as well the availability of products in the event a number has been superseded.

See all Discontinued Forklift Parts Here

Also Checkout our fixed price servicing program and 5 years warranty program on new forklifts


Ross Grassick

Ross Grassick

Ross founded Lencrow Group with his father back in 1976. Since then Ross has built a nationwide business, pioneered new technology and services in the materials handling industry. Ross is an industry veteran, an advocate for vocational training and a fountain of knowledge on all things mechanical.
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