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Nissan Battery Electric Forklift

Nissan Battery Electric Forklift

Nissan Forklift
Mast Options:
3 Stage
Max Capacity:
2500 Kg
Maximum Lift Height:
From 5150mm
Fuel Type


One of the most rapidly growing markets in Australia is the battery electric powered forklift. With an outlook to be more environmantally friendly this forklfit is fume-free and doesn't rely on fossil fuels. This forklift features: 3 Stage 5150mm Mast Sideshift Non-marking tyres Battery installed - The battery is approx 50% so there is still plenty of life left in it. This forklift is perfect for an indoor wrehouse or workshop becasue it's already fitted with non-marking tyres. Call today to make further enquiries or let us know what you are looking for and we can check our supply of units for something more suitable to your operations handling needs.

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