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New Diesel Forklifts in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Adelaide

Diesel engines are designed to handle heavy handling applications as well as endure outdoor elements. Lencrow Materials Handling have a range of forklifts with diesel powered engines for sale to suit any application. Please feel free to browse our selection of new forklifts for sale, used forklifts and forklifts for hire with diesel powered engines. we have range of diesel forklifts for sale, you can purchase it from any of our locations.

UniCarriers have carefully constructed the 1F Series to be environmentally friendly, cost effective for the owner as well as being safe and easy to operate.

UniCarriers research and developmetn has effectively reduced carbon emissions by incorporating a sophisticated Electronic Controlled System and 3-Way Catalytic muffler in the engine. These two integrations detect the amout of oxygen in the exhaust fumes when combustion occurs and the engine control motor automatically adjusts the performance of the forklift to reduce its carbon emissions.

The 1F Series boasts lower emissions, tighter turning circles, improved performance and better fuel economy. The forklifts have a low centre of gravity providing excellent stability and improved safety. 

The 1F Series is available in capacities starting at 1500kg up to 3600kg and can suit a wide range of applications depending on your operational requirements. With in the series there are different models suitable for indoor use, outdoor use and includes compact versions. We have included standard specifications for each model as a guide. Full details can be found in the free downloadable Nissan brochure or by contacting us on 1300 536 276 or via email by clicking the enquiry button on this page.
As part of UniCarriers extensive range of products we can fit your forklift with any attachment to suit your operational requirements. The range of attachments available in the 1F series include side shift, fork positioners, hinged forks, rotating forks, roll clamps, double tyres and many, many more. 
Creating a new dimension in forklift truck performance with a full complement of standard features

The 1F5 Series, with capabilities from 3500kg to 5000kg, has introduced a variety of new features in response to users' needs, including an automatic 2-speed transmission and a class-leading lift speed for excellent manoeuvrability, a low vibration 6-cylinder engine, easy-to-use switches and levers, and a safety-first operator's seat for enhanced operator comfort and safety, and an aluminium radiator and a torque converter with cooling fins for high durability. They combine to contribute to increased productivity and efficiency. 

For those companies that don’t place heavy demands on their forklift and are looking for great value, the UniCarriers Smart series is the ideal forklift.
Available in diesel, petrol and LPG, the UniCarriers forklift offers capacities of 1800kg, 2000kg, 2500kg, 3000kg and 3500kg, which are backed by an industry-leading 3 year warranty.

The combination of this 3 year warranty and exceptionally low purchase price enables users to have a very cost effective solution to suit most opeartions forklift needs. The Smart Series offers serious 'bang for buck' with outstanding performance and quality standard features particularly around operator comfort and safety.
Smart Series
Nissan by Unicarriers
CPCD30-35 Ton
UniCarriers 1F6 series of forklift trucks are packed with thoughtful design features that let the truck deliver the best performance in every load-handling situation. Available in 6.0t, 7.0t, 8.0t and 10.0t capacities. Designed for safety & ruggedness, special attention to the details such as the number of rollers & the cross section design of the inner mast channels. The 1F6 series leads the class with the fastest lift speed. The super wide-view fork carrier offers an unobstructed, wide front view.
1F6 Series

New Diesel Forklift

Diesel forklifts are most commonly used in heavier materials handling applications. Using a forklift with a common fuel source simplifies sourcing and resupply of fuel, particularly in rural and remote areas. Typically the higher torque of a diesel engine gives more power on gradients and has a higher towing capacity.

Fuel tanks in diesel forklifts vary depending on their capacity and generally will sustain a full day’s work on a full tank. Lencrow Materials Handling supply a full range of new Diesel forklifts from EP Equipment and Nissan Forklift by Unicarriers, as well as all terrain and big truck forklifts with Diesel powered engines in larger capacities from other reputable brands including Bomaq, Manitex LiftKing, Terex, Carer and many more.

Maintaining Diesel forklifts can be slightly more expensive in parts & engine fluids but with planned preventative maintenance you can keep costs down by protecting major components. Diesel engine forklifts are most commonly used in outdoor workplaces, construction sites, timber yards, mines, ports and the list goes on. If you need a work horse that endures the Australian elements and heavy capacities Lencrow will have the right forklift in the range to suit your application. As per Australian O, H&S guidelines diesel engines are not permitted in confined spaces or for container entry.

If you would like to know more about new or used diesel forklifts please call one of our experienced consultants today to discuss their various applications and features that may suit your workplace and handling needs. Lencrow supply the largest independent range in Australia and have a product solution for every materials handling application. All brands are backed with 100% after sales services and support and are tried and tested with in the hire fleet. 

Call our friendly team for experienced and professional advice today. 

Please feel free to browse our selection of new diesel forklifts for sale, used forklifts and diesel forklifts for hire

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