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An electric pallet truck is the next step up from a basic hand pallet jack, providing all the advantages of this universally popular workhorse with the added bonus of battery power. It’s as compact, lightweight and highly manoeuvrable as a normal hand pallet jack, but has the superior performance of a powered pallet truck as well.
EP Semi Electric Pallet Truck

Semi Electric Pallet Truck 1500kg EPT20-15EHJ

  • Ergonomic design switch box for accurate and easy operating
  • The most compact design, with small turning radius to save the operating and working space
  • Reverse-back button, emergency stop button, slope anti-skid resistance, drive wheel cover to increase the safety of the operator
  • Fitted with hydraulic pump from HPT, reduce the hydraulic system defects rate
Semi-Electric Pallet Truck EPT20-15EHJ by EP Equipment

Reduce the risk of operator strain from manually handling bulky palletised goods. Hand pallet jacks and manual handling are a thing of the past. Promote safer handling in your operation with this semi-electric pallet mover as your newest addition to the team. By integrating a semi-electric pallet mover in to your operation you will increase productivity and reduce the risk of damage with easier operator handling features.

Pallet Truck Features:


  • Patented design unique to EP Equipment
  • Light Service Weight
  • Specially designed ergonomic design
  • Electric Power Steering
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Simple Battery Maintenance
  • Internal Charger
  • No license required 

    Do you know the features, benefits and maintenance differences between a semi-electric pallet truck and a fully electric pallet truck? Discover everything you need to know about electric pallet movers in this article: 

    Electric Pallet Jacks: Types, Benefits & Maintenance

Powered Pallet Truck

Electric Pallet Truck 1200 KGS - EP EPT12-EZ

  • No Licence required
  • CAN-bus Controller
  • Suitable for opportunity charging
  • Wall Mounted Charging Socket

New EP EPT12-EZ Lithium ION Powered Pallet Truck

At Lencrow we believe in products that simply work. With the completely new, 12EZ Lithium Ion powered pallet truck, EP have managed to reinvent a product used by millions of people around the world, everyday: the hand pallet truck.

It is time to go electric now. It is time to go 12EZ. Because it is simply working.

With only 120kg self weight and a capacity to lift up to 1200kg the all new electric pallet truck 12EZ is optimized for the usage in a retail environment.

Its small dimensions and modern design make it the perfect companion for the shop floor application. The pallet lifter is as small as a normal, manual hand pallet truck but gives you the full advantage of a powered pallet truck.

With its powerful Lithium Ion power supply this pallet lifter is easy to charge and always available. Due to its attractive price, the 12EZ walkie truck is perfectly suitable to replace your manual handpallet truck and increase the safety and ergonomics in your company.

Because of its low weight of only 120kg and with the power of its 20Ah state of the art, lithium Ion Battery, the 12EZ electric pallet truck can run up to 3 hours on one charge.

Electric Pallet Truck 1500kg EPT20-15ET by Lencrow

Full Electric Pallet Truck 1500kg EPT20-15ET2

  • Same award winning design - INNOVATED!
  • Remastered electrical components and wiring to reduce faults and failures
  • Removable battery cover for easy access and maintenance
  • Improved battery and charger for longer hours of operation & life of the battery
EP Equipment are known globally for their award winning patented design pallet jack (2014 Winner Of Reddot Most Innovated Product Award) and it's quality electrical components and technology. The electric warehouse range offer complete handling versatility in product application.

Lencrow prefer to supply EP Equipment warehouse equipment because of the quality of the product and it offers true value for money. The features that come standard include easy operation, attention to safe handling by including features such as; anti-roll back mechanisms, speed control, emergency stop by the touch of a button. With EP Equipment you will have peace of mind that you are using safe handling procedures for your business, your operators, your goods as well as the environment. The entire warehouse range utilises green technology and power saving components so you get the most out of the power you use. 

So, what's new and improved in this new model?

The new electric EPT20-15ET2 encompasses EP's patented design with the addition of a caster wheel for increased handling performance and serviceability.

  • Strengthened material around load bearing wheel for increased durability.
  • New battery technology and charging capacity for longer hours of operation.
  • Newly designed "emergency touch belly button" for ULTIMATE safety.
  • Lighter overall weight - less to move.
  • The battery housing in the previous model has been reduced in size to allow easy access to the battery for maintenance.
  • The electrical components have been remastered to reduce faults and failures.
Electric Pallet Truck 1500kg EPT20-15ET by Lencrow

Electric Pallet Truck 1500kg EPT20-15ET

  • No license required
  • Fully Electric
  • Battery Indicator
  • Light service weight - anyone can operate it
Electric Pallet Jack by EP Equipment - EPT20-15ET

Experience effortless handling, increased control and simply easier operation. EP Equipment's full electric pallet jack is one-of-a-kind! Award winning design recognised by the Reddot Design awards for product innovation with more ergonomic and user friendly operation.

Product Features Include:
  • Lighter overall service weight
  • Power lift, power drive
  • Electric Power Steering
  • Battery temperature regulation
  • Long service battery
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Curtis Controller with speed limiting and other programmable features
  • No license required to operate
  • Emergency stop feature
  • Easy to operate 

Excellent addition to boost inventory movement in retail spaces, distribution warehouses, food production, direct store truck deliveries, beverage outlets, consumer goods and any operation with palletised goods up to 1500kg.
Half Pallet Jack Electric

Electric Pallet Truck 1800kg EPT20-18EA

  • Tight handling performance
  • Emergency stop functions
  • Various battery options
  • No license required
Full Electric Pallet Jack 1800kg by EP Equipment - EPT20-18EA

Ideal pallet mover for direct delivery solutions. Suitable for a range of industries in distribution and supply; beverages, mailing, food produce, supermarkets, retail and major consumer goods suppliers.

Product features include:

  • Battery powered pedestrian pallet mover
  • World's first half pallet truck
  • Can perform to a standard handling shift
  • Excellent battery performance
  • Easy to operate
  • Great turning circle capacity
  • Easy internal charging battery

This product is used by major retailers around the world and delivers one of the most efficient delivery performance in conjuction with other innovative resources. From major transport operations to single retail operations this electric half pallet jack is sure to improve the way you move goods in order to make your business more productive.

Electric Pallet Truck 1800 - 2000kg EPT20-18-25WA

  • Light Service Weight
  • Optional - Cold Storage specification
  • Optional - Back rest for Larger Pallets
  • No Licence Required

An electric pallet truck provides effortless handling, precision control and easy operation and with the ability to lift more than ten times its own weight, it’s the ideal way to boost inventory movement in retail spaces, warehouses, process lines, inwards goods and despatch areas.

At Lencrow Forklifts, we stock a full range of semi-electric, full electric and heavy-duty electric pallet trucks and we only carry the most trusted names such as UniCarriers, EP Equipment and Xilin. So call us any time for more information on our electric pallet truck range, or check availability at your nearest Lencrow branch.

Advantages of electric pallet trucks

An electric pallet truck has a number of great benefits for increasing productivity and its features can include;

  • The ability to run up to 3 hours on one charge.
  • Safety features as standard including anti roll-back mechanism, speed control and emergency stop button.
  • Power lift, power drive and electric power steering.
  • Long service battery and battery temperature regulation.
  • No operator licence required.

Solutions and assistance

At Lencrow Forklifts, we have a practical solution for every logistical application, with the largest and most comprehensive selection of new, used and rental materials handling equipment in Australia. All of our products are backed 100% by outstanding after sales customer service and support including;

  • State of the art service and repair facilities with the very latest technology and highly trained technicians, providing a complete range of mechanical services and technical support.
  • Customised service programs to reduce your equipment’s overall running costs with our computer-assisted Planned Preventative Maintenance System (PPMS).
  • Round the clock emergency forklift repair service to get you back up and running in no time, with a 2 hour response in metro areas and around 4 hours in regional areas.

Lencrow Forklifts is a proudly Australian owned and operated family business with 40 years knowledge and industry experience behind us. We are committed as a company to ensuring that Australian industry always has access to a one-stop materials handling resource. And with more than 60 employees and five interstate branches, we reckon we have what it takes to continue supplying that need into the future.

Talk to us about our electric pallet trucks today

If you want a hand pallet jack with the added advantage of battery power, check out our range of electric pallet trucks online, or call one of our friendly consultants to discuss your needs on 1300 536 276.

You can also get in touch with Lencrow by filling in your details in the online enquiry form and someone will get back to you or by visiting one of our five locations in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Newcastle.

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