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Discontinued forklift Spare Parts

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At Lencrow, you’ll get discontinued forklift parts of brands such as Yale, Mast Explorer and Halla. In reality, obsolete forklift parts are tough to find because the manufacturer no longer makes similar forklift models and so new forklift parts are also not manufactured for the outdated models or the manufacturer have totally closed the manufacturing unit for making new forklifts and parts.

Yale is now associated with Hyster forklift too. Lencrow doesn’t have any Yale forklifts in its existing fleet but has a range of Yale forklift parts available to suit various models.

Lencrow has more than 1,500 authentic Mast Explorer spare parts in stock to suit a range of models. The difficulty to obtain authentic Mast forklift parts are going to rise as not many people know about the origin of the components like the Mast Explorer engine. We also know that there may be forklift owners all over Australia who would benefit from knowing what spare parts are available in the country for their existing Mast Explorer forklifts.

Lencrow was a Halla Forklift products supplier back in the 1980′s when they were still in circulation. Halla forklifts aren’t commonly available and the existing genuine Halla forklift parts supply around the world is restricted. There are more than 800 authentic spare parts available in our current stock to stabilise the Halla forklift range.

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